Upcoming Group Exhibitions 

SOTD, Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival, Castlefield Gallery, UK


Current Group Exhibition 

Vitrine Gallery Sounding Off 2.0, Online, London UK


Selected Group Exhibitions

Show-OffMenier Gallery, London, UK



Solo & Duo Exhibitions

'A general interest in the general end' Five Years Gallery, London, UK

'Uh Oh', Creekside Projects, London, UK

'The Destrier', Freehold Projects, Leeds, UK

'Noob' The Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, Texus, US

'Frankenstein' LUVA Gallery, London, UK


Selected Group Exhibitions

Pets, TOMA Project Space, Southend on Sea, UK

'Birdinabirdinabird' Art Lacuna Gallery, London, UK

35th Annual Open Exhibition' Southwark Park Galleries, London, UK

And the winner is..' LUVA Gallery, Venice Agendas, London, UK

Mistaken sponges, Deptford X, Creekside Projects, London, UK

Shape Arts, 'Circles' Bow Arts, Nunnery Gallery, London, UK

Staged, Tate Modern Staff Biennial, London, UK

Stream, Warf Chambers, Leeds, UK

Wet, The Auxilary Project, Middlesbrough, UK

Murmarations, Candid Arts Trust, London, UK

Harlow Library, Essex, UK

Commixture, The Koppel Gallery, London, UK

LUVA Gallery, Blind Sale Fundraiser, London, UK

Fat Dog Art House #2: Hoovering (Enter the Vacuum), London, UK

Guilty Pleasures, Oh kay Gal Gallery, York, UK

Pixelache Festival 2019, in Helsinki, FI

Yikes: a celebration of awkward performance, Berlin, DE


Unperforming 12, Arts Admin, London, UK
Staged 2 - The Bomb Factory, London, UK
BF Artist Film Festival VII - SET, London, UK
23645721 - OVADA Gallery, Oxford, UK
Bad Art Presents: KIKI / CSD - Voodoo55 Gallery, Berlin, DE
Into the Wild - Live at Grow, Chisenhale Art Place, London, UK
Central Saint Martins Degree Show One, London, UK
SXRVXVE - Feeling Gloomy Presents: This Was Hardcore, New York, US
DYSPLA International Moving Image Festival - The Crypt Galley, London, UK
Tate Exchange - Reinventing the studio, London, UK


Wednesday Night Live - 12ø Collective- London, UK
'Behave Collective' - Tate St. Ives, UK
'EVE' - 'Bloc Projects', Sheffield, UK
'Pre-sliced Orange Segments' Light Eye Mind Gallery, London, UK
'Dissolutions' (Art Licks Weekend), London, UK
'Summer Salon screening' Lubomiroc/Angus-Hughes Gallery, London, UK
'IKEA ART SCHOOL' - Switch building, Tate Modern, London, UK


'Carnesky's Finishing School' Soho, London, UK


'Module Units' Welcome Collection, London, UK

Selected Residencies


2019  ORBIT, Liverpool, UK, Online

          'Welcome to my homepage' Austin Texus, US, Online


2018   Bad Art Presents Residency, Berlin, DE

           The Palace Residency, Poland 

           Digital Artist Residency, Oxford, UK, Online 


           Shelf Residency, Online 

           SketchUp - Residency, London Online


2020  Vitrine Gallery 10th Anniversary Profile | FAD Magazine


           Featured in Rosie Gibbens and Rebecca Moss recommended artist video list                     in The Guardian article 'Farty paintings and getting sozzled on gin: a                             seriously silly history of art and comedy colliding' 

2019  'Uh - oh' Creekside Project exhibition featured on Seb's Art List


2018   Interviewed by LUVA Gallery

           Featured in BBC Documentary, Father and sun: A Dyslexic Road Trip. 

           Interviewed by Insights Magazine

2017   Artists and Friends, interview - Podcast

           'Artnet' - shelf Online residency featured


2018   'Artists and Food' - Film Screening - Elmer, London, UK

2017   Word In Transit, Art Licks Weekend, Victoria Line, London, UK

           Word In Transit, Piccadilly Line, London, UK



2019   Art Licks Magazine issue 24 Interdependence 

2016   Art Reveal Magazine 


2017   City And Islington College, London, UK