A General Interest in the General End' Solo exhibition at Five Years Gallery, investigates the phenomenon of preppers, a term describing a person who lives in a constant state of preparation; gathering materials to survive a catastrophic event. The forms of prepping range from stockpiling tins and purchasing equipment, investing in luxury bunkers for living spaces and living in isolation from mainstream society, hunting to survive.

The work focuses on this cultural phenomenon, once a fringe movement, prepping is now becoming more mainstream. After all, given the prevalence of ‘disaster media’ as well as the very real threats the climate crisis and current political sphere pose, preparing for such eventualities starts to seem somewhat sensible.

Gathering content from #prepper accounts and a BBC documentary on the subject, phrases will be spoken by ‘preppers’ navigating a structure built in the space. Incorporating live sound, video and performance the show creates a temporary enactment of a prepper community.